Safe, Effective and Simple: Why You Need a Rowing Machine
Posted by rowingmachinepage, 01/10/2018 6:43 am

A lot of new and unique exercise gear has hit the market in the last few years. New arrivals to the exercise world often push out the older machines even when they are not more effective, affordable, or safe. One piece of equipment that has been in use for nearly 40 years is the rowing machine. This somewhat basic exercise gear may have been ignored for newer designs, but it is making a comeback as more people learn about the numerous benefits offered by a rowing machine workout.

Lose Weight Faster

Rowing machines require the exerciser to use their whole body. It is a body toning opportunity and a cardiovascular workout. This combination of upper and lower body movement enables people to burn more calories while they row than they would with the other most common machines like treadmills and stationary bikes.

Protect Weak Joints

Models like the JTX Freedom Rower put a lot of the focus on the core but do not put the same level of stress on the joints. People that cannot run or bike due to knee pain may find the rower easier to manage. The back and shoulders also receive toning benefits without lifting weights or raising the arms overhead.

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Increase Intensity Safely

One of the reasons why equipment like the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is so popular is because of how versatile the workouts are for everyone. The machine makes it easy for beginners and offers enough resistance and effort to challenge even the fittest individual. Rowing does not require the participant to be athletically competent, and it is nearly impossible for an injury to occur when the machine is used correctly.

Adapts to Schedules

One of the best benefits of a rowing machine is that it helps people to boost their health in a matter of minutes. Someone that wants an aggressive and effective hour-long workout is welcome to hop onto the machine and work up a sweat. Unfortunately, that type of commitment is not possible for everyone. Many people have discovered they can commit blocks of 15 minutes to their workouts, and this is enough to help. A short workout in the morning before taking a shower and another while watching TV or waiting for dinner to cook in the evening will improve health even more.

The top-rated rowing machine folds up to make it easy to store and folds down instantly for use. It has monitors that track all the data needed. It is solid, quiet, and smooth in operation and offers a range of workout options that will keep everyone happy.

Most people have seen or tried a rowing machine in the past. The new models make it a necessity for anyone that wants a reward for their hard work to try a rower again.

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